Agent Ambassador Program

If you love Emergence and like to lead people in games, our Agent Ambassador program might be perfect for you! Here's a little more information about what the Agent Ambassador Program is. 

What: Agent Ambassadors will lead games of Emergence for new comers, board game enthusiast, or anyone who might want to play.

Who: We are always looking for fun-loving individuals who are kind, friendly and patient. You don't have to be a professional game master MC by any means. A friendly smile, patience with newcomers and enthusiast attitude is our perfect candidate. Also you must have a disdain for human scum! 

Where: Most of the time we need Ambassadors at local conventions, meet-ups, and other awesome events. You can check this list to see if Emergence is being played in your area. We will email out a list of Emergence approved events for the ambassador program. If you know of any other great events you would like to demo at, send us an email at

Why: To bring more people into the A.I. fight to destroy all Humans. 

Rewards: Besides gaining honor back at headquarters, we offer a few perks for our Agent Ambassadors. For whatever event you are demoing or leading a game, we will supply you an event pass for the entire duration of the event (3 hours of demo or 3 games with different groups). If you demo more than 10+ hours, we can supply you an extra event pass for a friend to keep you company. 

Besides free convention passes, we also have a nice swag package. For every event you lead Emergence you will gain one knowledge token. See here for a list of gifts at each point tier. 


How to Apply: If you feel like you are a good match, please fill out the contact form below!

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This will be used to send you free swag, and also to notify you on events near your area!