Emergence Feature: Adam Jacobson


Not many people can say they've made an entire portrait of Marshawn Lynch out of skittles. Adam "Air" Jacobson or better known as Air Jake, is not like many people. As an essential member of the Emergence team, Adam has been at the head of reaching out to various game retailers both local and abroad so that everyone can have a chance to try Emergence for themselves. 

If you were a human, what would your strategy be against the AI?

In a 5-6 player game, I would deceptively tell my "AI teammates" to always replenish so I can pick them up and secretly turn them into knowledge tokens. Then turn them into the aggregator secretly as a human.

Are you AI or human?

I'm an AI ;) 😉;)

I hear you're also a DJ on the side, what inspired you to do this?

I am not a real DJ! However, I do enjoy creating music on Garage Band. I was very happy when everyone on the Emergence team trusted me with creating the music for the Emergence kickstarter video!